San Diego’s Best Live Event Streaming

Live streaming of corporate events, town halls, webcasts, medical seminars and much more.

When most people think “live streaming” they think news and sporting events. Live streaming is not new technology by any stretch, companies like Facebook and YouTube have offered live streaming services for years, and Twitch has revolutionized the entire gaming industry. Expectations for watching events unfold in real-time have infiltrated nearly every corner of American culture. But what most people don’t know is corporate America’s expectations are shifting towards live streaming as well.

Corporate Event Live Streaming

The concept of physically gathering a group of people in one room for a shareholders meeting or town hall is rapidly going away. Ten years ago, most remote attendees of a corporate event had nothing more than a one-way conference bridge for audio, or at best a webinar-style platform with a single grainy camera. Audio would cut out, presenters would walk out of the camera frame – and many times the entire connection would drop for no apparent reason. There was virtually no interaction beyond perhaps a chat window to submit questions that never got answered. Let’s fast-forward and see what’s available today.

Today’s Corporate Live Streaming Technology

Imagine an entire production company including equipment, crew, editing and multiple cameras running a live streaming event. All the effort of a movie production, but focused on the unique requirements of producing an excellent streaming experience. Audio, video, lighting… fine-tined to perfection. Today’s sophisticated corporate or professional viewed demands this level of excellence.

Who is Leading the Pack?

A prime example of a production company at the forefront of today’s live streaming technology is Hildreth Media Group. A team of seasoned professionals from the television and movie industry, they are taking San Diego technology scene to the next level by streaming not only corporate events such as town halls and quarterly meetings, but medical seminars, education and product reveals. They have been trusted by brands like Oprah Winfrey, American Red Cross, NFL, and Under Armour to name a few.

San Diego Live Streaming

If you want a cutting-edge experience at your next San Diego live streaming event, Hildreth Media Group is the only choice. You can expect a hassle-free, seamless experience with no surprises from start to finish. Don’t give your audience yesterday’s streaming, dazzle them with an experience they won’t forget.