10 Famous Wedding Photographers of the World

Some photographers have become world famous by dint of their unerring ability to capture some of the best wedding photographs ever. Some of those photos were beautiful because of the beautiful celebrities they featured, but more often the photos were memorable because of technical brilliance and their ability to transcend what we see in regular wedding photography. Here are some of the names that made it big in the world of wedding photography.

1. Joe Buissink


His base may have been landscapes and fine art photography, but he has made a name for himself taking pictures of weddings all over the world. Come celeb weddings he has covered include Christina Applegate, Hilary Swank, Jennifer Lopez, Lucy Lawless and more.

2. Denis Reggie


Known for his unique style of wedding photojournalism he is probably the celebrity wedding photographer to emulate. He has covered more than 1700 weddings, including those of Mariah Carey, Don Henley, Tom Clancy, James Taylor and many more.

3. Chris and Lynn


This Emmy award winning team of photographers brings a vividly different perspective to wedding photography.

4. Ben Chrisman


The Wedding Photojournalist Association has ranked him the top wedding photographer of the world and his bold, stunning, imaginative and visually evocative pictures tell us why.

5. Marcus Bell


His special ability is to produce photos that look like antique oil paintings by some of the masters: artistic, stunning and unusual, to say the least.

6. Yervant Zanazanian


That award winning photographer won his first award at age 11 is known for his fun wedding photos that are also very glamorous at the same time. His special ability is to put his subjects at ease before the camera lens, something that reflects in his pictures.

7. Kitty and Craig Fritz


Twin Lens Images is their website that offers a glimpse into the photos shot by this photojournalist pair. Visit to look at the featured weddings.

8. Nate and Jaclyn Kaiser


This husband-wife wedding photography team made a beginning with the wedding of Jaclyn’s sister. Their USP is capturing the ways that couples try to express their feelings for each other.

9. John Michael Cooper


He turned the concept of elegant, pretty wedding photography on its head when he introduced the concept of “Trash the Dress”. Unconventional backdrops, the couple on their backs in rubble, the bride’s dress on fire are just some of the startling ideas you will find in his wedding photography.

10. Martin Schembri


This Australian photographer has a reputation as one of the best wedding photographers in the world and was one of the first to offer clients the magazine layout style of wedding photos.