5 Tips to Use Your Business Cards Effectively for Your Photography Business

Business cards are much more than a sheer piece of paper containing your contact info that you hand out to someone. If used the right way, business cards can be a great tool in promoting your photography business. They can help you create a positive image in the minds of your existing and potential clients, and increase your chances of getting a booking. Here are some practical tips and ideas to help you use business cards more effectively for your photography business.

1. Have a Unique Design

photographer business cards

Make sure your business card stands out from the rest. It should represent your brand and business in a unique manner. Go for a business card with a modern design that has your logo on it. Having your photo on the card will make it easier for your clients to remember you. Make creative use of fonts and colors to make your business card visually appealing. Make sure that the theme and design of your card goes well with your business. For example, if you are a wedding photographer, you may want to base your card’s theme on wedding photography instead of sports, architecture or something else.

2. Provide All the Necessary Information

photographer business cards info

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential clients. Think of the details they would like to have while booking a photographer. Try to incorporate these details in your business cards in a crisp and precise manner. Consider including a list of your services and client testimonials. If you have uploaded your portfolio and photography samples to your social media accounts (Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) you may also want to include those social media links on your card.

3. Include a Call to Action

photographer business cards call-to-action

Feel no qualms about letting your potential clients know what they are supposed to do. However, the manner you do it on your business cards is slightly different than how you do it on your website. For example, instead of saying “call me to now for all your wedding photography requirements,” you may just say “Now booking for wedding and engagement sessions. Travel Welcome.” You may also consider offering a discount through your business card.

4. Keep It Clear and Clutter-Free

photography business cards clear

While it’s important to include the necessary details, it’s equally important to keep the content clear and clutter-free. If the recipient finds it hard to read or understand your card, the very essence of having a business card is lost. Always prefer fonts that are easy on the eyes over those that are over-stylized and difficult to read. Similarly, cut out all the irrelevant information and restrict yourself only to what your clients really need.

5. Distribute Your Cards to Potential Clients

photography business cards distribution

Always carry your photographer business cards with you. Visit places and events where your potential clients are likely to hang out. However, avoid using your cards like promotional flyers. After all, hard selling is not our motto here. Don’t hand them out to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Instead, you should only give out your cards to your existing and new connections, while exchanging your contact information.

Remember, how you portray your business on your card and how you portray yourself while exchanging your business card, both are important. Get a unique card that represents your business in the most suitable manner and think of ways to maximize its value for your business.