10 Pregnancy Photography Tips

Pregnancy photography is also commonly known as maternity photography in many parts of the world. It’s really as basic as it sounds as it involves taking photographs of an expectant mother and her family. You can be as creative as you like in this type of photography and can also involve the whole family, such as the father, other children and even the family pet.

Here are some useful pregnancy photography tips to get you started.

1. Document the pregnancy

One of the most common things to do during pregnancies is to document them by taking photos once a month to document the mother’s growth. When you first learn you’re pregnant you can take some shots and then take another one each month. It’s a good idea to take the photos from the same angle and perhaps even in the same setting. This way you’ll be able to see the images from the same viewpoint.

2. Keep it in the family


If possible, make the pregnancy a family event. Try to have the photographs taken by other members of the family so they all feel involved. It will make the maternity period more intimate. If you’d like to have the whole family in some of the shots you can ask a friend to take them for you or hire a professional photographer.

3. Try different outfits

Having a variety of outfits available will generally lead to more interesting and colorful photos. Three changes of clothes is an ideal number. You can try lingerie, a tank top and yoga pants, and something like a button-down shirt with shorts underneath. This way you’ll have some intimate shots you can share with your partner as well as those you can show your friends and co-workers, etc.

4. Don’t forget your other children

If you already have children they can sometimes feel left out when you’re about to give birth. It’s a good idea to involve them. You can get some cute photos of smaller children patting or listening to your stomach as their baby brother or sister is inside waiting to meet them. Interaction between children and the pregnant mother can often result in some fascinating images.

5. Experiment with angles

The best way to take pregnancy shots is by taking the woman’s profile. This will show the stomach. Shooting them head on will sometimes make it difficult to notice they’re pregnant. However, feel free to try all sorts of ideas that some to mind. There are no rules in maternity photography. For example, if you shoot from above you’ll get a slimming effect and shooting from below will result in the opposite.

6. Try some black & white shots

Some of the best pregnancy images are in black and white. This is because the colors, backgrounds, and everything else disappear and the woman easily becomes the main focus. The black and white shots can result in beautiful, timeless and classic photos.

7. Try different locations

Some of the best indoor locations for maternity photos are the bedroom and nursery. Don’t forget, you can also take photographs outdoors still and images of pregnant women walking barefoot along a sandy beach can be very appealing.

8. Natural Lighting

Natural lighting seems to work the best as you won’t need the harsh light from your camera’s flash unit. Try and sit close to a window if you’re shooting indoors and if you need some more light you can try using a lamp. Just remember that different light bulbs can usually result in different shades and colors. If you’re not happy with the shades, try taking the photos in black and white.

9. Use your imagination

Don’t afraid to be creative. You could try taking a shot of your silhouette by having your profile taken while being backlit against your window. Just make sure the flash is turned off and experiment with silhouetting and its effects.

10. Be yourself

Pregnancy is a gift from Mother Nature. There’s no reason to feel nervous or unattractive when having your photos taken. You don’t have to worry about being perfect. Just be yourself, relax and act naturally without worrying about posing for each shot.