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Candid Photography Tips and Tricks

When clicking photos, everyone pose for formal shots, but this is boring. Photos should bring out the natural elements in the picture frame and should be natural. Posing for a picture cannot add the natural elements to the picture. So, with the need of ...Read More

7 Business Photography Tips

Any business that you may have has to be made to look good and appealing. If you are selling something online or offering any kind of service, people have to be able to understand exactly what it is you’re offering. A good quality, clear ...Read More

Cheap Wedding Photography Ideas

Let’s call that frugal wedding photography ideas rather than cheap wedding photography ideas. If you are one of those sensible souls who believes in investing in married life rather than spending money on just the marriage ceremony, these frugal ideas will appeal to you. ...Read More

Boudoir Photography Ideas for Couples

If you’ve been receiving some rather raunchy and tastefully erotic pictures in your personal messaging and chat apps such as Whatsapp, it’s probably a part of this trend in photography – Boudoir photography. These are scenes featuring couples in amorous poses, partially clothed or ...Read More