Buying a Digital Camera: What to Look For

With the bewildering array of digital cameras available, making a choice about what to buy can be difficult. With each brand trying to differentiate it from its competitors on the basis of one feature or the other, it becomes imperative for a buyer to know what features actually matter and what features are just a sales gimmick. So what are the things to keep in mind when buying digital cameras?

Here are some tips to help you make the right choice if you’re looking to buy one.

1. More megapixels is not necessarily better

The prices of cameras seem to go up along with the number of megapixels they offer, leading us to believe that higher MP cameras are better. For most people, who want to take photos of family, friends, and trips and so on and want to print some regular sized pictures, a 5 MP camera may be perfectly adequate. Remember higher MP cameras take photos that are very large in terms of file size.


2. Do you need an SLR?

When you see the results of an SLR you may be tempted to buy the same, especially since they are more affordable than before. But unless who have some understanding and expertise about lenses and photography in general, an SLR may be superfluous and a point and shoot camera may be adequate for all your photography needs.

3. Check the reviews and warranties

Take advantage of reviews published online on shopping portals as well as photography forums to see what people are saying about cameras. Are they good value for money, what warranties do they offer, how is the after sales service – these are some of the things you should consider. Also look at the add-ons or freebies that the seller is offering to sweeten the deal. You may get a good package deal if you’re thinking of getting accessories such as rechargeable batteries and charger, tripod, off camera flash, an extended memory card and so on.

4. Consider the type of zoom you want

Most experts will tell you to go for the optical zoom over the digital zoom. Also consider whether you need a telephoto lens and if the camera is compatible with it.

5. Built-in and expandable memory

How much memory do you think you’ll need? For instance if you’re going on an extended trip, you will need plenty of memory. So does the camera have the built-in memory or the option of extending the memory with the insertion of a memory stick?

6. Don’t forget your budget

An important thing to decide beforehand is your budget. Then look at bricks and mortar stores as well as online portals to see where you get the best deals before making a purchase.