Unique and Creative Wedding Photography Ideas

Wedding photography doesn’t need to be a bunch of people in stiff, posed frames. Wedding photographs can be fun, unusual, interesting and yes, entertaining as well. So, when you do hand around the wedding photos to friends and family to look at, there are no ho-hum moments. Here are some creative wedding photography ideas that you may want to try out yourself or ask your professional photographer to try out:

The before and after pictures

What did the bride look like before she got ready? And how disheveled were the bridesmaids from the bachelorette party? Was the best man hung over or was the groom? It can be fun to get these snaps and then fuse them into the snaps of all those nicely turned out individuals at the ceremony!

Get creative with mirrors

The bride holds up a mirror featuring the groom’s guests and groom does the same for the bride’s family and friends. The bridesmaids can hold up a mirror with the bride’s laughing face in it or the best man stands next to a full sized mirror that reflects how very handsome the groom is looking. Full sized mirrors can help create a romantic double image of the couple as well.


Create human frames

The nearest and dearest guests of the wedding couple can get together to form a heart shaped frame within which the couple stands. Or the couple creates a heart shape with using their own hands and then the guests are photographed through that finger frame.

The story backdrop

Create a story board and then have the couple pose in accordance with the ‘story’. You can incorporate vignettes from actual life such as where they met, how the proposal went, house hunting, and more – each of these could be captured in full wedding finery.

Trash the bride

You don’t have to really destroy the dress here, but you could use interesting and unusual backdrops: a garbage dump, a football stadium, a stormy sea, and so much more.

Use cell phone apps for funny pics

Want a wedding invite that looks like a film poster? How about a wedding couple’s picture on the cover of a magazine? Or perhaps create the impression that the bride is having her portrait painted while the groom face is being spray painted as wall graffiti? You can create vintage effects, sepia tints, and generally can have a blast creating fun effects for all the pictures taken.