Newborn Photography Tips for Beginners

Newborn photography can be challenging, there is no question. A small baby basically sleeps, eats and poops all day long. So to get interesting images can in fact be a test or anyone’s photography skills. And if you’re a new parent and amateur who wants to create memorable pictures of their own little bundle of joy the difficulties of producing great images tend to increase. But whether you’re a hobbyist or a new parent learning the ropes, these newborn photography tips may be of great help:

Let sleeping babies lie

There is a lot of great stuff you can capture even as the baby sleeps. Babies in the early months are quite difficult to awaken and you may be able to use different backdrops and lighting elements for taking baby’s picture even when he or she is asleep. And contrary to what you may think, babies do a lot of interesting stuff when they’re asleep: they smile, they grimace, they twitch, scrunch up their faces and more besides.


Get baby comfy

If you’re planning to take pictures of the bright and awake baby, you want to ensure that baby is as comfy as possible. The room should be warm enough (particularly if you plan to shoot images of baby without clothes). It is best that the baby is well rested and has a belly full so that he or she appears happy, alert and willing to be sociable.

Don’t rush

This is like stating the obvious, because babies take their own time about everything. They will sleep and awaken when it suits them, decide to yawn when they want and will offer that sneaky knowing smile when you least expect it. So you need to resign yourself to being very patient indeed; undertake this baby photography project when you have some time on hand. Experiment with lighting, perspective and interesting backdrops as well.

Involve mommy & daddy too

The cute quotient of baby pictures is anyway very high, if you involve mommy in the proceedings you up the emotional reaction quotient too. Mommy looking at baby with her heart in her eyes; baby looking up trustingly at mommy with that little toothless grin… these are images that will be cherished for life. Similarly of course, daddy’s delight as those little fingers clutch fast at his finger, his innate pride as he gazes on his little baby princess – it is worth taking the time and making the effort to capture these perfectly.