Cheap Wedding Photography Ideas

Let’s call that frugal wedding photography ideas rather than cheap wedding photography ideas. If you are one of those sensible souls who believes in investing in married life rather than spending money on just the marriage ceremony, these frugal ideas will appeal to you. While it is important to have memories of that very special day by way of high quality images, it is possible to do this without destroying your wedding budget. Wedding photographers can cost a bomb and here is how to cut down on that:


Keep it simple – clarify to the photographer that you don’t want elaborate and expensive; clarify exactly what is important to you as a couple. Opt for a cheaper package, simpler editing or raw footage. Does the photographer have an assistant? Is that assistant necessary?


Give newbies a chance

An established photographer is in demand and is likely to quote steeply for his or her services. However a younger, less successful photographer may be a better bet for several reasons: firstly they are likely to charge a lot less. They are also less likely to behave like prima donnas directing a feature film (you’ve probably seen the pro at a friend’s wedding directing people to do this and that, ordering people around…). A newbie on the other hand may be more willing to listen to what the couple wants and try to dovetail their creative vision with the couple’s expectations.

Put your guests to work

Consider getting a pro only for the ceremony and getting the guests to pitch in for the reception. Place a disposable camera on each wedding guest table and ask your guest to take all the pictures they want. Your guest may end up taking some really funny or unusual photos with hilarious and memorable results.

Rope in your family and friends

Indentify a few of your family members and / or friends whom you think will be a dab hand with the camera. Tip: it helps to identify those who own an SLR and know their way around it. Make a list of some key shots that you think are necessary for your wedding angle and divide up those – assign each of those individuals some key shots and make them responsible for taking those shots. Remember these are people and know you and your likes and dislikes; the mixed input from different creative visions could actually be very interesting.

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