Clothing Tips for Beach Photography: What to Wear

It’s all very well to say relax and have a good time; you’re on holiday. But whether you’re on holiday or not, a little attention to the details and a little preparation can help you create visually rich, appealing and memorable beach pictures. Obviously much of the appeal will lie in what the people in the pictures are wearing. So without strictly regimenting the outfits, you could pay just a little attention to the clothes for better looking beach pictures.

Light rather than dark

This is the general rule of thumb that seems to be followed in all beach pictures and something that experts like to recommend as well. Quite simply lighter colors, whites, beiges and pastels such as lime, pinks, pale peaches and turquoises look better in the bright light of the beach with the backdrop of the waves, the sun, sand and sea.


Printed or solid?

Now while some experts feel that all prints are a no-no, others feel that subtle prints or some fine detailing such as pretty embroidery or light appliqués can add detail and texture to beach images. However whether you decide to go with solids or prints aim for casual and relaxed. Avoid formals, avoid busy and fussy clothes. Also ensure that everyone is wearing what they are comfortable in – if someone is self conscious or uncomfortable, this will come through in the pictures and you don’t want that.

Harmonious rather than coordinated

What you want is an image that appears to be a harmonious whole but not one where everyone seems to be in uniform. So pick out colors that complement each other for different people in the photos. Think similar but not the same shades of blue in jeans, whites together with creams and khakhis with beiges and so on.

Pay attention to the feet, hair

Fussy, fancy footwear is something else to avoid in beach photographs. Experiment with colorful flip flops and strappy sandals. Consider getting that barefoot beachcomber look. If the hair is going to be loose and windblown, a touch of hair spray may be a good idea. Otherwise think of loose topknots and ponytails.


The rule of thumb is to tone down on jewelry and bling. And it is also best not to obscure the eyes with sun glasses and elaborate hats. You want to concentrate on the subjects against an uncluttered backdrop of sun and sea and sand and you don’t want to add too many distracting details to the image.