Sunset Photography Tips and Techniques

A beautiful sunset is not just something to look at; it could accompany one of the most profound and beautiful moments of a person’s life. A sunset is also a feast for the visual sense – it can vary in color and intensity; and the horizon against which it is viewed, the current weather and other factors can make each sunset completely unlike any other you have seen.

It is no wonder that the sunset is the favorite subject of photographers the world over. Here are some expert tips that will help you get on with the job of taking some awesome sunset pictures.

Use the right gear

With a regular point and shoot camera, you are going to get a tiny sun that looks lost against the horizon. So you want to use a good quality zoom or telephoto lens that gives you a good sunset where the sun is the focal point of your picture. Many experts also recommend the use of a tripod to shoot sunsets. Wider lens are a particularly good idea when shooting sunsets.


Wait for the perfect shot

There is no sense in rushing a sunset – the sun will set when it has to, so wait for the sun to hang low in the sky. Look for interesting features like low hanging clouds with the sun peeping through or the sun skimming the top of a mountain peak or valley or the point where it is about to seemingly immerse into water.

Consider the foreground

Before the sun actually sets, try getting shots from various different angles – thought the rule of thirds can apply to landscape photography, you can shoot a sunset in a way the sun is not the only focal point in the picture. The sun can be to the extreme side of the picture, or you can shoot without a zoom to call attention to other foreground features in the frame.

Use a smaller aperture

This helps you increase exposure time and bring out sharper colors and light contrasts.

Think beyond the Sun

A sunset creates beautiful light and shadow as well as spectacular sunsets. Some of the best sunset pictures don’t even have to include the sun. And don’t think that you have to pack up and go home when the sun disappears below the horizon. You may get some of the best pictures even after the sun has actually set.