Photography Tips for Beginners – 6 Tricks to Get You Started

Photography is more than a mere technique; it is an art and a science and it can be among the most absorbing and rewarding hobbies. Combination of creative ideas and right techniques can give you some great results. Whether you are an aspiring professional or you just want to be able to bring some cherishable memories back from your holidays, some of the tips below just may help you get started.

1. Start simple

If you’re just starting out, don’t go the whole hog and get expensive, complicated equipment. To begin with, a simple compact camera that needs basic point and shoot abilities may be best. Once you gain some experience you will know what features you would like in your camera upgrade.

2. See life through the lens

taking-shotIt may be a mundane street scene but there may be so many things that could make an interesting and memorable picture. The way that a tall building is etched on a darkening sky, of the reflection of a child in a shop window, an interesting expression on a pet dog’s face can all be interesting. So constantly be on the lookout for interesting shots. Look at the life around you through the camera.

3. Carry your camera as much as possible

It then follows that if you’re going to create interesting pictures out of random scenes, you need to be equipped with your camera as much as possible so carry it along whenever possible. You don’t know when you may encounter that perfect photo op.

4. Acquaint yourself with your camera

Read the manual thoroughly and explore the features of the camera. You camera may be basic but it may still allow for some tweaking in terms of focus, close-ups, zooming in and out and so on.

5. Look at the results

This will help you indentify what you’re doing right and what you can do in the future to minimize errors that you’ve made.

6. Understand composition, lighting and focus

What should a frame include and what should a frame exclude. Know your camera well enough to know how far the flash extends, what is the sort of result you can realistically expect given natural light and so on. And remember it is possible to get out of focus pictures even with auto focus cameras.

7. Keep experimenting

Keep experimenting with angles, colors, unusual subjects and seemingly mundane items. This will help develop skill and perspective. Keep reading and learning about photography to develop it into an enduring and fascinating occupation.

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