Candid Photography Tips and Tricks

When clicking photos, everyone pose for formal shots, but this is boring. Photos should bring out the natural elements in the picture frame and should be natural.

Posing for a picture cannot add the natural elements to the picture. So, with the need of nativity and naturality in the picture frames, Candid photos became famous.


Candid photography captures the real thing in the pictures while adding elegance. Most people love to capture the real thing in the picture and store the feelings which are real. No one likes to store the old mundane poses and pictures, which do not have life in them.

The candid photos are full of life and can bring a smile on your face when you see them, even after years. So, there is an increase in the popularity of the candid photography.

Every one loves to click these types of photographs, but cannot become masters in them. Even an armature photographer can master in candid photography by following certain guidelines and tips.

Tips for mastering candid photography:

Carry camera every where: Candid pictures are spontaneous shots, so if you are clicking candid shots, carry your camera every where and make sure you do not miss any beautiful shot.

You should always be ready to click the shots and should not set your camera accessories while a good shot passes by. By carrying the camera every where, you can make people relaxed about you and your camera. If the person is in a relaxed mood, obviously the shots will be great.

Long zoom: Even a great model becomes attentive by the sight of camera. So, normal persons come in attention position when they see the cameras near to them. So the use of long zoom minimizes the risk of being attentive and makes the person relaxed as they cannot see the camera near to them. You can use long zooms and telephoto lens to click the candid images.

Turn off the flash: When you turn on the flash in the cameras, you are making the people understand that their photograph is going to be taken. This makes them attentive and spoils the shots. Turn off the flash and start clicking the images.

Search for other lighting sources other than flashes in cameras and see that the picture does not lack the lighting. If you cannot find any light source other than flash, then try this setting in the cameras and try the shots: Increase the ISO setting in the camera, use a faster lens speed, set the aperture in natural mode and try the candid shots.

Position: The angles in which you click the pictures add elegance to the candid photos. These photos are spontaneous shots and you should not search for the position. Set your camera in continuous shooting mode and click the images from different positions and angles.

While choosing positions, see for some basic qualities such as: which way will people face? What is the lighting source? Remember these things while choosing a correct position.

Prefer clicking images of working people: Click images of people performing actions rather than the images of ideal persons. Add company to your subject to enhance the beauty of the candid photos. Clicking images of people with people also makes the viewer understand the relation otherwise add a subject to the photographs.