Boudoir Photography Ideas for Couples

If you’ve been receiving some rather raunchy and tastefully erotic pictures in your personal messaging and chat apps such as Whatsapp, it’s probably a part of this trend in photography – Boudoir photography. These are scenes featuring couples in amorous poses, partially clothed or suggestively nude, engaged in various stages of intimacy and dishabille. If you too want to try your hands on this unique photography style, here are some ideas to get you started.

What is boudoir photography?

These are sensual portrait photos that concentrate on passion and emotions, perhaps enhanced by sexy lingerie, other props and dramatic backdrops. Several professional photographers now specialize in doing these shoots. The photographs are typically erotic without being trashy and artistic instead of pornographic. The play of light on skin, intimate wear, tattoos, seductively bared skin – these are some of the features of these pictures.


The photos could be about passionate embraces or playful affection between partners or could choose to mirror somnolent, reflective moods or quiet repose. Many couples choose to post these images on social networking sites or circulate them privately if they so wish. Many couples simply decide to keep the images for their own private, sensual enjoyment, finding that they add to their intimate bond.

Yet others create a boudoir photography album as a pre-wedding event or a present for their spouse to be. The extent of how sensual the shoot needs to be, and how much clothing the individual or couple decides to wear or take off is totally up to the couple themselves.

Boudoir photography ideas

For an upcoming wedding, the bride-to-be can decide to do a shoot that features her in various stages of dress and undress involving her wedding dress, the veil, suspenders, the bouquet held suggestively and so on.

The shoot could be based on various different positions while still partially clothed – this is suggestive and erotic without being fully revealing. Under the shower or with wet skin and hair is another popular idea.

The shoot could feature only entwined limbs, an intimate kiss in silhouette, close ups of stark emotions displayed on the faces, or could feature only bodies without the heads. Both could wear jeans – only jeans or he could have on the jeans and she in his oversized shirt.

Not all boudoir photography has to be passionate and ardent. The couple could as well be seen to be having fun together, laughing together in an affectionate embrace. Or the shoot could be one that features peaceful togetherness in repose.

Monochrome photography is very popular for Boudoir photo shoots. Sepia tones, silhouettes and interesting shade and light helps create the mood.