7 Best Photography Websites

What makes for a good photography website? Is it one that has great pictures? Or one that offers great tips and instructions to take those pictures? Or is it the one that inspires you to do your best to achieve even better pictures? Well obviously the best photography websites should be all of those things and ideally should inform the reader about other worthwhile issues.

We look at the blogs and portfolio websites of talented photographers to see which ones are the best and why.


1. Digital Photography School

This website is all about photography tips and tutorials. Follow the blog to read informative posts that give you the lowdown on post production improvements techniques for your pictures, demystify cameras and equipment, and guide you towards useful resources to help you become a better photographer.

2. Camera Bag TV

This is a website that celebrates the image makers as much as images. The website is devoted to letting the world know more about emerging photographers, their workspace and their trade tools.

3. Photo Plus

Head to this straightforward website for all that you need for your photography habit: tutorials, news, forum participation, editing tips, camera and gear tests as well as a shop that lets you source things you need.

4. Eric Ryan Anderson

This well known photographer’s website is worth a visit not just because it contains stunning pictures but also because of the blog where the photographer recounts and shares personal experiences.

5. North Landscapes

This website is pure inspiration. Pictures of intimidating and stunning landscapes and natural vistas not only inspire you to pick up your camera, they trigger wanderlust with segments such as Arctic Dawn, Ice on Black, Glacier Lagoon, Crashing Waves and more.

6. The Big Picture

The Big Picture is all about news stories in photographs. Each picture tells the story in an instant, along with the sort of stark and vivid detail that cannot be related by mere words. Military offensives, natural disasters, pandemics and other world headlines are captured simply and effectively by the lens in an arresting and thought provoking manner.

7. Zoo Borns

Zoo Borns features some of the best animal pictures around, but is more than just a site that makes you go ‘Awww!’ The undoubtedly brilliant photos actually call attention to the fact that many species are fighting for survival. The site serves as a conversation ambassador for wild animals under threat – in an interesting and informative manner.